Monday, June 6, 2011

The Art of Sickness

This is my 3rd weeks I'm not feeling healthy .. I've got sprue 2 weeks ago.. I thought it was nothing, but a week ago it all change to white thing in my throat.. My body just can't take it.. I went to 2 doctors to fix this.. Well..I'm in better condition now.. but when i met the first doctor..the diagnosed is quite a "slap moment" for me.. He told me, i might be having diphtheria (but Thanks God I'm not).. and for that i need to be hospitalized.. Wew nightmare !!!! Not to mention.. i have to finish 1 project for my customer..

And not so well condition i tried my best to finished the project as i promise on friday.. Then, i asked one of the Office Boy to help me sent it to the courier, since i couldn't be in the office that day. But guess what??!'s not happening.. hahahah.. the courier decided to pick it up on Saturday when my customer really need it it the most .. =_=!! Double bad news for me.

Anyway.... in the time being.. I've got bed rest for few days.. During these bed rest moment, i realize that no matter how much you work to earn money.. it will never worth the health.. and no matter how hard you try to plan something.. there's always something happen and it'll screw up all the plan.. Sometimes all we got to do is just doing our very best.. not over it.. and just let God do the rest.. He's the only charm for all the problem and situation. We can have hope.. we can set the goal.. but remember to also bring it to God's presence.. asking for His approval.. because without it, big chances are we screwed it up ourself.

During these time, i also found the peace with dad and mom.. I didn't care who's fault it is  for whatever happen between us now.. but i..stepped up..and asked for apology .. I'm in peace with myself now.

One step at a time... Jesus gives me a courage to move forward..  ^^

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